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Triumph BD 250

Verfasst: 10 Jun 2019: 20 54
von 3625
I am building Triumph model BD 250 II and some parts for motor I am missing. Can you please give me advice if I can replace these parts with the latest model - Triumph BDG 250 or with any other model? Or are any for sale here? Specifically I need foot and hand shift lever, motor gear for secondary chain and a part of shifting see the picture. Further I cannot get primary chain. Which one do you use?
Thank for your advice in advance.

Re: Triumph BD 250

Verfasst: 10 Jun 2019: 21 55
von Christian Wolf
Yes, you can use parts from the later models, 250 H for example. 250 L and SL latest model have some changes at the gearbox.
Motor gear for secondary chain you can use from H, L.
Primary chain is available at Weisswange. 3/8 x 3/8
But you need to look how many teeth your clutch sprocket and primary sprocket has.
There are some differences at the BD`s
At page 47 you can see
6588-1 Ritzel 17 Zähne B 204, BD 250
But it is the same as on page 9
Page 10
1021-0299Getriebekette 3/8 x 3/8 70 Hülsen bis Mot.275500
1022-0299Getriebekette 3/8 x 3/8 68 Hülsen für Beiwagen bis 275500

or you look here, has many parts, too. ... endapp.pdf

Foot and hand shifter is a problem. You can´t use BDG foot shifter.

Who are you and where do you come from???

Re: Triumph BD 250

Verfasst: 11 Jun 2019: 13 00
von 3625
Thank you very much for information to my question. I am from the Czech republic and I succeeded to buy a torso of Triumph and I try to complete it now. I have started with motor and gradually I am looking for the next parts. As for bigger parts I need a handlebar and a box see the picture (possibly dimensions or drawing for its production)and brake shield on front wheel.The production is not a problem, I have currently produced internal parts for Bosch light J30 x 2 - see photo
The production number of my Triumph is 272298. Is there any list, on which I can find, when it was produced or any further information?

Re: Triumph BD 250

Verfasst: 11 Jun 2019: 13 02
von 3625
Bosch J30 x 2

Re: Triumph BD 250

Verfasst: 11 Jun 2019: 15 38
von 125T
272298 - Your motorcycle was made in 1943 (last year of production for Wehrmacht). It is a Serie-2 BD.
Best regards!